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  • My Story

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

    My name is Gabriele, but close friends call me just Gaba. That is how the name JustGaba Photography was born.

    I have carried in me an artistic soul since I can remember. After my children were born, I have found a new hobby- photography.

    In my work, I try to capture the real moments in life that pass so quickly.

    I want my pictures to show the reflection of love in the minutes of everyday life.

    I am inspired by the joy of a happy family, the tenderness of baby’s feet, or the quiet tear on a child’s face.

    These are the occasions in life you want to remember forever, so you can be reminded of all the love that is always there, pushing us all forward.

  • My Style

    My photography style can be described as natural and artistic. After I had my three wonderful children, I experienced a kind of love I had never known before. It is this love that I try to illustrate through my photography. Rather than capturing a posed smile, I strive to show what makes people so precious. I hope to preserve expressions of wonder, curiosity, innocence, laughter, seriousness, or even tears and sadness. My favorite pictures of my own children are those where I catch an honest and real reflection of who they really are on the inside.

    I also love to incorporate nature. The outdoors offers so much beauty to enhance the subject: a bit of natural light, a dancing shadow, a quiet snowflake, the glow of sunlight, a field of flowers, a drop of rain, or the wind in your hair! My goal is to create pictures that show the reality of our lives on nature’s canvas, which inspires us to feel the love that surrounds us all.

  • A bit more about me (Gaba)

     I have my own reflection – my twin sister, Simona. She is my mentor, my confidant, my critic and simply my best friend. The bond that twins share is eternal and unexplainable. She is essential to my photography endeavor.   A reflection shows the best and the worst of your self.   With one another, we see both of these and find a balance, pushing each other in creativity, knowledge, and know-how.

    I am a full-time mom, so time is a real treasure, especially as I try to manage a family with business.

    I am Taurus. I love to cook and to eat good, healthy food. I enjoy creating little things, decorating for parties, styling clothes (for photo sessions and for myself). I appreciate good music, friendly people, travel, and lazy days! (I wish I could have more of that!)